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Nowlin’s Second Annual Science Fair

Nowlin Middle School has two 8th grade students whose papers (and subsequent) presentations have been accepted for a regional Missouri science competition. Elizabeth Hale and Audrey Lockwood have presented their research paper from Nowlin's Second Annual Science Fair to the Junior Division of the Missouri Academy of Science's 2010 Regional Competition. Both of the young ladies’ papers were accepted for the competition.

Elizabeth's paper, "The Effect of Weight Placement on the Speed of a Pinewood Derby Car" reflects a detailed research and sound research design. All of the young scouts may wish to read her paper to help them win next year’s derby competition. Audrey Lockwood's paper, "Nine out of Ten Dirty Birds Recommend: Which Dish Soap will Clean an Oiled Feather the Most Effectively?" offers insight into the best type of detergent to use in removing oil from bird feathers.

The girls will be presenting and defending their research on March 20, 2010 at MCC Penn Valley Campus. The young scientist will have 20 -25 minutes to present their research findings to a review panel of 3 judges. This is not only the students’ first time competing, but it is also the first time their science teacher, Mrs. Cheryl Turlin, has had student papers accepted for this competition.

If the students receive a top award they will then compete in the State Missouri Academy of Science Competition in Springfield, Missouri on April 17, 2010.