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Chrisman Spreads The Word To End The Word

William Chrisman High School held its 3rd annual Spread the Word to End the "R" Word Pledge drive Thursday.

Chrisman students and staff, in conjunction with the national event, pledged online to end the use of the word Retard or Retarded.

Chrisman's new atrium was filled with computers and pledgers as Chrisman staff helped the students take the pledge online at http://www.r-word.org/

More than 200 Bears pledged and pledges were still being taken online, where almost 200,000 had pledged online by midmorning.

Those who pledged were given breakfast. There were also Special Olympics Fan Club T-Shirts available.

"I think that this year's t-shirts are the best we have had so far. Not only are they fun, with the bright colors, but they show what this event is all about, being a part of change," Special Olympics Fan Club sponsor Kathy Lowry said.

Students not only liked the shirts, but they also saw the importance of the event.

"I pledged because everyone deserves respect and everyone is special in their own way," junior Kendra Cowan said.  "We need to embrace these differences, not criticize them."

Junior William Soendker said, "I pledged to help send a message to stop using the "R" word."