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An Inside look at the Benton Elementary’s Kids Safari program

Benton Elementary’s Kids Safari program, led by Dawn Jones, has had an exciting session of after school clubs!

Students were able to choose activities such as puppets, drama, and gardening.  The puppet club was led by the Puppetry Arts Institute and were assisted by Kids Safari staff.  This club performed two small skits for the after school program. 

The drama club thrilled audiences by bringing two stories to life.  They performed Anansi and the talking Melon and Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock.  These performances were given for the after school program, the preschool students, several members of the Thomas Hart Benton staff, as well as several parents. 

The gardening club was sponsored by a community program called Eating From the Garden, which is connected to the University of Missouri Extension.  During this club students learned about healthy eating, food safety, the tools needed for a garden, how seeds grow, and the process it takes to create a garden. The students planted carrots, radishes, peas, spinach, and lettuce.  When the vegetables begin to grow and the students pick them, they will be available to the families of the Kids Safari program to help promote a healthy eating lifestyle.  The students have truly enjoyed learning hands-on!