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William Chrisman High School Theatre Presents The Beverly Hillbillies and Honors an Alum


The William Chrisman Theatre Department will present its winter play, Beverly Hillbillies, with performances on Thursday, January 31, Friday, February 1, and Saturday, February 2.

“The play will be based off of the TV series,” theatre teacher Kim Hayes said. “The hillbilly family strikes oil, becomes rich and moves to Beverly Hills.”

The performance has added meaning because the TV series was written by 1929 Chrisman graduate Paul Henning.

It also marks one of the final performances for the Chrisman seniors involved in theatre.

“I’m super excited,” said senior Emily Sukolics. “It’ll be my 11th show.”

The cast of 30 have put in hard work and dedication.

“We have been rehearsing since before Christmas break,” said Junior Spencer Long. “I’m very excited for our opening night.”

The shows will start at 7 p.m. each night. Tickets will be $5 in advanced and $6 at the door.


Jed Clampett:  Trevor Banhart

Granny Moses:  Emily Sukolics10

Jethro Clampett:  Spencer Long

Elly May Clampett:  Rachael Mallinson

Aunt Pearl:  Olivia Utley

Emaline Fetty:  Liz Snow

Colonel Foxhall:  Michael Tonga

Brewster:  AJ Pelzer

George Turner:  Tim Paxton

Mr. Drysdale:  Jake Witte

Mrs. Drysdale:  Savannah Burr

Miss Hathaway:  Teri Martin

Groovy Monahan:  Alexis Lorenz

Frederika Collins:  Sunniva Slaatto

Gloria Mundy:  Allie Weston

Percy Pennyweather:  Jake Savage7

Mrs. Pennyweather:  Yenifer Sanchez

Mrs. Oglethorpe:  Shelby Bell

Mrs. Stokely-Smythe:  Skye Middaugh

Mr. Oglethorpe:  Ryan Thompson

Frank Richards:  David Sampson

Society Party Guests:  Kaylee Cassidy, Nick Ferrell, Britany Hanks, Renee Kavanaugh, Dakota Kinslow & Alexis Snell

Firemen:  Oscar Perez, Brett Wolf, & Kreig Jarnagin


Production Staff

Director:  Mrs. Kim Hayes

Assistant Directors:  Mr. Pat Carr & Ms. Allissa Hughes

Stage Managers:  Jessica Hertzog, Allison Gibson & Robyn Mitchell13