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New Elementary will Carry Strong Education Tradition

Abe Mallinson (8)

Eighty – eight year old John Mallinson says he had the opportunity to sell a piece of property in Sugar Creek off of Forest Avenue “innumerable” times.  It wasn’t until the school district had spent a year searching for a viable property for an elementary school in the western part of the district, and approached him to see if this time he would be willing to sell, that he finally said yes.

He agreed because he knew his grandfather, Abraham Mallinson, would have approved of a school going on the property he’d purchased in 1867.

An early pioneer, Abraham Mallinson had always been a strong advocate of education.

John Mallinson says, “He knew the value of education, particularly for women.  In those days, a woman having a profession was rare, but he made sure that each of his children, including four daughters, received a quality education.”

Those women all became teachers.

When Mallinson agreed to sell the property, he did so with one condition; the school to be built on the property would be named after his grandfather. He felt so strongly that he wrote it into the contract.

“He was my hero,” Mallinson says. “It would make him proud to know his name was on an elementary school.”

In the fall, Abraham Mallinson Elementary will open its doors in Sugar Creek, the newest school in the Independence School District. Abraham Mallinson’s name will continue to stand for education for many decades to come.