Great Kindness Challenge

Posted January 24, 2017
ISD students are showing kindness across the district during The Great Kindness Challenge. Benton Elementary will be sending 150 valentines from each grade level to our partners at Centerpoint Hospital for patients receiving chemotherapy treatments. Students are proud to help bring a little cheer and kindness to those going through a difficult time. Blackburn Elementary students are “Coloring Blackburn with Kindness” this week.  Students signed a banner pledging their commitment to participating in kindness week. Classrooms have a paint pallet outside their room to track their acts of kindness.
Mallinson Elementary and Hanthorn Early Education created kindness paper chains. They wrote down acts of kindness they performed and connected the strips of paper to form a chain throughout their school as a visual representation of their kindness. Inside Korte Elementary, student leaders did daily video announcements encouraging each other to give compliments, play with new friends, write kind notes to friends and give high fives. Mill Creek Elementary students are assembling blessing bags. They are filling them with socks, gloves, water bottles and toothbrushes to give to the homeless. William Southern Elementary students decorated 500 paper bags and gave them to a nearby Hy-Vee to give to their customers to raise awareness about The Great Kindness Challenge.
A long-time supporter of the program, the ISD is recognized as a Kindness Certified School District for creating a culture of kindness in schools and throughout the Independence community.
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