Van Horn Students Connect with Nursing Home Residents

Posted February 15, 2017

*Thanks to contributing writer Kimberly Henriquez.

Students from Van Horn High School developed a new group to build relationships between high school students and residents of the Maywood Terrace Living Center as part of a leadership development course. Senior Kimberly Henriquez created Chances, Choices and Happiness (CCH) to unite all Van Horn High School students for a common goal: bring happiness and hope to the Maywood Terrace Living Center residents.  “I feel like the CCH made a big impact on the elderly because when we got there, they felt like someone cared for them,” said Karina Sagastume, a senior at Van Horn.

Van Horn senior Kimberly Henriquez showed school pride and excitement for her newly founded group. “Van Horn High School has taught me that we don’t all have to be the same to make a change and I am very honored and proud to say that I am a Van Horn Falcon,” Henriquez said.

CCH plans to continue its visits at Maywood Terrace Living Center to provide a chance to meet new people and enjoy a variety of activities. The group believes these visits can continue to positively impact both the residents and students.