Hundreds Join ISD Elementary School Running Clubs

Posted March 23, 2017

600 ISD students looking for something fun and rewarding to do after school, have joined ISD running clubs.  The ISD designed its own curriculum for the program, which includes lessons on nutrition, fitness and character development.  It’s free to the kids, offered after school for eight weeks each semester, one day per week.

ISD Youth Activities Director Chase Schneider says, “For them it’s almost an extended recess. They don’t realize they will be getting a good workout and learning about nutrition and a character component. It’s something we are very proud of here in the Independence School District.”

ISD Speech Therapist Katie Hollenberg is one of more than 60 running coaches at ISD elementary schools. Hollenberg says it’s been amazing to connect with students and families beyond the school day, “We’ve loved it. It’s been nice to make sure there is something fun for them to do after school.” She says the confidence the students gain is immeasurable and she’s proud to see her students encourage one another.

The Youth Running Clubs finish each semester by participating in a run or race. Our dedicated running club coaches, who are also ISD staff members, run along with the students and encourage them all through the training and the race.