ISD High School Students Qualify for State Music Contest

Posted March 22, 2017

Sixty-six vocal and instrumental performances from all three district high schools qualified for the State Music Contest. Students from Truman High School and William Chrisman High School competed at the MSHSAA District Solo/Ensemble Music Festival on March 10, and students from Van Horn High School competed in the District Solo and Small Ensemble Contest on March 18. The performances earning top ratings qualified for the state competition next month.

Twenty-one vocal performances and 12 instrumental performances from Truman High School qualified for the state competition, including 11 soloists and 10 ensembles. Of the 67 students who competed, 52 students will represent Truman High School at the State Music Festival.

Seven instrumental soloists and three small instrumental ensembles from William Chrisman High School received Exemplary I ratings. Four vocal soloists and three small vocal ensembles also qualified for the state competition. The freshmen Women’s Octet is the first freshmen ensemble to qualify for state under choral director Ron Patch.

Ten vocal performances, five band performances and one orchestra performance from Van Horn High School received the top rating, qualifying for the state competition. The State Music Contest will be held at the University of Missouri on April 28.

Congratulations to the following performances for qualifying for the State Music Contest:


Truman High School

Elissa Suarez-Cabrera – Instrumental Solo

Leilani Day – Vocal Solo

Savannah Dye – Vocal Solo

Malachi Fuimaono – Instrumental Solo

Remy Mathenia – Instrumental Solo

Ariana Mendoza – Vocal Solo

Rachel Millard – Instrumental Solo

Beth Presler – Instrumental Solo

Jacob Presler – Instrumental Solo

Wennely Quezada – Vocal Solo

Lillian Ridge – Vocal Solo

Danesha Robinson – Vocal Solo

Dion Sauni – Vocal Solo

Blake Savidge – Vocal Solo

Nick Stabile – Instrumental Solo

Vincent Tosatto – Instrumental Solo

Isaac Towne – Vocal Solo

Keaton Wiley – Vocal Solo

Andrew Wood – Instrumental Solo

Noah Wood – Vocal Solo

Andrea Zorich – Instrumental Solo

Miscellaneous Vocal Ensemble – Stefanie Schramm, Johanna Mortensen, Leilani Day, Sarah Bass, Rachel Davis, Emily Burris, Kelsyn Richards

Miscellaneous Vocal Ensemble – Nathan Alexander, Blake Savidge, Onyekaorise Chigbogwu, Carter Wiley, Daniel Nickens, Cesar Lopez, Noah Wood

SATB Double Quartet – Lillian Ridge Samantha Feaker, Ariana Mendoza, McKenna Attaway, Noah Wood, Malachi Fuimaono, Isaac Towne, Korey Poastoak

Miscellaneous Vocal Ensemble – Isaac Towne, Malachi Fuimaono, Bryce Phillips, Bradley Baker, Jaydon Dickinson, Ethan McCauley, Aaron Porter

Miscellaneous Vocal Ensemble – Kayle Adams, Heidi Coffman, Willow Netz, Samantha Taylor, Wennely Quezada, McKenna Attaway, Emily Gonzales

Miscellaneous Vocal Ensemble – Samantha Feaker, Tiffany Bonthius, Thuy Tran, Serena Ellsworth, Mariah Moe, Taylor Sartain, Ariana Mendoza

Miscellaneous Vocal Ensemble – Emily Bell, Calista Loyd, Danielle Stevenson, Daniella Mendoza, Rachel Davis, Isabel Serban, Marisa Bronson

SSAA Double Quartet – Savannah Dye, Shealyn Hedrick, Madelyn Saak, Lillian Ridge, Chloe Shoaf, Nkem Chigbogwu, Caroline Nielson, Alexandria Smith

Sextet – Dion Sauni, Korey Poastoak, Keaton Wiley, Tom Pearce, Daniel Nickens, Aaron Porter

SATB Double Quartet – Stefanie Schramm, Savannah Dye, Nkem Chigbogwu, Leilani Day, Carter Wiley, Dion Sauni, Keaton Wiley, Blake Savidge

Clarinet Trio Ensemble – Olivia Pace, Kaylee Higgins, Samantha Feaker

T-B Sextet – Dion Sauni, Korey Poastoak, Keaton Wiley, Tom Pearce, Daniel Nickens, Aaron Porter


William Chrisman High School

Shaun Anderson – Vocal Solo

Sarah Erickson – Instrumental Solo

Caleb Ferguson – Instrumental Solo

Maureen Hennessy – Instrumental Solo

Lucy Lankford – Vocal Solo

Savanah Malam – Vocal Solo

Jose Mendoza – Vocal Solo

Hannah Noel – Instrumental Solo

William Pace – Instrumental Solo

Ally Vaughn – Instrumental Solo

Destiny White-Dixon – Instrumental Solo

Double Quartet Ensemble – Savanah Malam, Isabelle Jaynes, Luisa Matamoros Torres, Taniela Faletau, Ikaika Kahananui, Kishon HoChee, Jose Mendoza, Kaitlyn Pangelinan

Miscellaneous Vocal Ensemble – Lucy Lankford, Emily Bryant, Lilly Marker, Kierra Viets, Emily Magel, Zoey Ramel, Michcala Snider, Olivia Tali

Sextet Ensemble – Skyler Corbett, Isabelle Jaynes, Makenzy Magel, Savanah Malam, Kaitlyn Pangelinan, Luisa Matamoros Torres

String Duet – Darryl Shaw, Sam Wimberley

String Duet – Lindsay Sanders, Tamara Sanders

String Duet – Joshua Hagstrom, Ikaika Kahananui


Van Horn High School

Jordan Arreola – Vocal Solo

Taylor Bushart –Instrumental Solo

Tre Chavez –Vocal Solo

Erick Dominguez – Vocal Solo

Joanna Gavarrete – Vocal Solo

Paul Hemingway – Vocal Solo

Mirinda Holthe – Instrumental Solo

Jacob Kroeger – Vocal Solo

Kazuhiko Kurotani – Instrumental Solo

Damon Pelto – Instrumental Solo

Travis Reiley – Instrumental Solo

Megan Studer – Instrumental Solo

Rachael Van Becelaere – Vocal Solo

SSA Sextet Ensemble – Victoria Lunceford, Mailyn Rios, Grace Ankrom, Mirinda Holthe, Joanna Gavarrete, Hailie Lewis

SATB Quartet Ensemble – Naomi Kroeger, Jacob Kroeger, Oscar Adan, Kennedy Marks

SATB Quartet – Gibralter Hemingway, Paul Hemingway, Kayla Sua, Sierra Yutzy