Substitute Teacher Dedicates 19 Years to ISD

Posted May 2, 2017

Joe Bayless responded to a newspaper advertisement for Independence School District substitute teachers in 1998. From that day forward, Bayless has impacted the lives of students and staff throughout the district.

Bayless works in ISD schools as a paraprofessional three to four days a week. His decision to apply came after 40 years of a successful career, serving in the United States Army during the Cold War and spending time in Germany, Austria and Africa. Much of what he brings to the classroom is personal experience.

While stationed in Austria, Bayless developed a love for Mozart, learned to play piano and skied in the Alps. He also speaks fluent German. After traveling around the world, Bayless still finds working in the ISD extremely rewarding.

“I highly support the vision statement of the ISD. Every day a new joy and challenge awaits me in the classroom with these wonderful children. I hope and pray I am helping in a small way. I love it!” said Bayless.

Bayless has worked with elementary, middle and high school students throughout his time in the ISD. Principals often ask Bayless to work with some of the most challenging students because of his patience and kindness, and he looks forward to the challenge.

“I do what I can to help our students reach their potential and, at the same time, support our highly committed teachers,” said Bayless.

The Independence School District is grateful for Bayless’ 19 years of dedication and his ability to bring his experiences into the classroom. He has positively impacted the lives of thousands of students. For Bayless, each day is an adventure, and he continues that adventure throughout his years with the ISD.

Joe Bayless 2