Vaccination Clinics

Posted September 24, 2018

The Jackson County Health Department is working with your child’s school to give the seasonal influenza vaccine to children at school. If you would like your child to receive the vaccine, you must follow this link and complete this online form through the Jackson County Health Department

We will hold vaccination clinics beginning this fall; specific dates for your child’s school can be found below. The online form must be completed at least two days prior to the vaccination clinic at your child’s school.

Due to changes in CDC recommendations, the FluMist (nasal spray) is not available this year; therefore, we are only offering the injectable vaccine (shot).

Depending on whether your child has received the influenza vaccine in the past, some children younger than nine years of age may need two doses of vaccine spaced about four weeks apart. Because we will only be in each school one time, children may visit their primary health care provider for the second dose, if needed.

If you have any questions about the vaccine or the vaccination clinics, please call the Jackson County Health Department at 816-404-6482.

Benton Elementary – October 3

Bingham Middle School – October 18

Blackburn Elementary – October 5

Bridger Middle School – October 16

Bryant Elementary – October 3

Fairmount Elementary – October 11

Glendale Elementary – October 5

Hanthorn Early Education – October 25

Independence Academy – October 24

Korte Elementary – October 12

Little Blue Elementary – October 15

Luff Elementary – October 9

Mallinson Elementary – October 11

Mill Creek Elementary – October 15

Nowlin Middle School – October 23

Ott Elementary – October 9

Pioneer Ridge Middle School – October 16

Procter Elementary – October 4

Randall Elementary – October 10

Santa Fe Elementary – October 8

Spring Branch Elementary – October 8

Sugar Creek Elementary – October 4

Sunshine Early Education – October 25

Sycamore Hills Elementary – October 18

Three Trails Elementary – October 12

Truman High School – October 24

Van Horn High School – October 17

William Chrisman High School – October 23

William Southern Elementary – October 10