Vaccination Clinics for ISD Students

Posted January 2, 2019

The Jackson County Health Department is working with your student’s school to give the vaccines for Tdap, MCV and HPV. If you would like your child to receive any or all of the vaccines, you must follow this link and complete this online form through the Jackson County Health Department. The form must be completed by noon on the day before the scheduled clinic. If you have any questions about the vaccine or the vaccination clinics, please call the Jackson County Health Department
at 816-404-6482.

Vaccination clinics will be held at the schools listed below on the following dates:

Bingham Middle School                     February 11

Bridger Middle School                        February 12

Independence Academy                     February 7

Nowlin Middle School                         February 13

Pioneer Ridge Middle School             February 8

Truman High School                            February 4

Van Horn High School                         February 6

William Chrisman High School          February 5

Additional Vaccine Information: