ISD Graduations at Sporting Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Park

Posted July 9, 2020

ISD Graduations at Sporting Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Park

Saturday, July 11th

William Chrisman High School – 9 a.m.

Van Horn High School – 10:30 a.m.

Truman High School – noon

*Graduates will not be allowed on the soccer field in high heels. Please be sure graduates wear flat shoes. Sporting KC will not make exceptions.

Parking & Directions

Please be aware that a portion of I-70 eastbound and westbound lanes will be closed from approximately Admiral Boulevard to Paseo Boulevard. You can find more information on the impact of this closure here:

Please find these parking maps for each high school. You can click here for:

William Chrisman’s Graduation Parking Map

Van Horn’s Graduation Parking Map

Truman’s Graduation Parking Map

Know Before You Go

Please review this important information from Sporting KC specific to each graduation. You can click here for:

William Chrisman High School Know Before You Go

Van Horn High School Know Before You Go

Truman High School Know Before You Go

ISD Graduation

The ISD worked with Sporting Kansas City to provide a graduation format at Children’s Mercy Park that is in compliance with health guidelines.

Because of the size of the Children’s Mercy Park 18,000+ capacity stadium, the park’s comprehensive social distancing plan allows seniors to graduate on the soccer field/pitch with 2,500 proud guests in the audience. Each student can bring up to six people. Tickets have been mailed and will be received in mailboxes by Thursday, July 9. If you do not receive your tickets due to an old address on file, you can call your high school and they can provide you with your seat assignment.

Venue technology automatically assigned seats for each family group to ensure that the members of the graduates’ party are systemically socially distanced throughout the stadium. Guests are required to wear masks while entering, exiting and moving around the stadium, but will not be required to wear them at their seats. Graduates may remove their masks once they are safely seated on the soccer field. Graduates will not wear masks while posing for a photo and crossing the stage.

Graduates will sit on the park field/pitch and participate in a traditional ceremony, including student speeches and a walk across the stage. The ceremony will be projected on the park’s large video board, utilize in-house sound and will also be live-streamed. Please check where live stream information will be shared.


Why is graduation being held at Sporting KC’s Children’s Mercy Park?

Sporting KC’s Children’s Mercy Park can accommodate all ISD graduates and their families while maintaining social distancing. While we wanted to maintain graduation at the Community of Christ Auditorium, Jackson County’s current phasing guidelines prevented us from holding an in-person ceremony with social distancing. Jackson County’s phasing guidelines outlined a maximum of 250 at a graduation which did not allow any guests to attend graduation at any location in Jackson County.

Why is graduation being held on July 11th?

The move to July 11th is to allow an in-person graduation. Due to Jackson County phasing guidelines, the ISD was planning to announce a virtual graduation prior to the opportunity to allow an in-person graduation at Sporting KC’s Children’s Mercy Park. Sporting KC did not have July 18th available, therefore we solidified the available date of July 11th. We recognize the significance of an in-person graduation for our graduates and families and are pleased to have found a solution to offer this opportunity.

What if I submitted a photo of my graduate who will not attend in-person?

Photos submitted by July 8 will be included in the ceremony. The student name will be read as their photo appears on the video board after the in-person graduates have walked. This will also be included in the live stream for each high school.

Where can I find the live stream?

The live stream will be accessible on the day of graduation from the Independence School District website at and on the ISD Facebook page.

Will there be a rehearsal?

No, we will not hold a rehearsal.

Are face coverings required for the graduation?

Sporting KC is requiring masks be worn when entering the park. You will not be permitted to enter without a face covering. You will be required to wear your face covering at all times except when seated in your assigned seat.

Are bags allowed?

Everyone carrying a bag will go through a bag check. There will be separate entrance lines for those with bags and those without. You will move through the entry process much faster if you arrive without a bag.

Are signs, noisemakers or balloons allowed?

No, signs, noisemakers and balloons are not allowed. It is important that all guests have the opportunity to recognize their graduate’s success by hearing the names as their graduate is announced. For that reason, it is necessary that parents and students hold their applause until all students have had the opportunity to be recognized. Please be respectful and courteous of all graduates. Those who are not respectful of all graduates, will be asked to leave. Balloons, drinks, noisemakers and signs are not allowed. Those items will be taken at the gate and will not be returned.

Are drinks or food allowed?

No outside food or beverage will be allowed inside Children’s Mercy Park. There will be food and beverage available for purchase inside Children’s Mercy Park. Credit Card only, no cash.

What type of shoes should gradates wear to be on the field?

High heels cannot be worn. Graduates will be seated on the field/pitch and will not be allowed onto the field with high heels.

Will professional photos be taken at the event?

Yes, graduation photos will be taken as each student walks across the stage and available for purchase through Strawbridge (previously Lifetouch was utilized). Images will be available online approximately one week after the graduation ceremonies. Please select your school below for ordering instructions.

William Chrisman High School

Van Horn High School

Truman High School

What time should I arrive?

William Chrisman High School

8 a.m. graduates arrive and enter

8:30 a.m. gates open

9 a.m. graduation begins

9:45 a.m. graduation ends

Graduates and guests will need to wear face coverings as they exit and proceed directly to the exit to allow the next group of graduates and families to enter.

Van Horn High School

9:30 a.m. graduates arrive and enter

10 a.m. gates open

10:30 a.m. graduation begins

11:15 a.m. graduation ends

Graduates and guests will need to wear face coverings as they exit and proceed directly to the exit to allow the next group of graduates and families to enter.

Truman High School

11:00 a.m. graduates arrive and enter

11:30 a.m. gates open

12:00 p.m. graduation begins

Graduates and guests will need to wear face coverings as they exit.