Parent / Guardian Expectations

  • Parents / guardians will need to be actively involved in helping launch, support and monitor your elementary student’s learning using a virtual platform.
  • Consistent access to the internet will be critical to this form of instruction and learning. Equally important will be regular participation with the teacher and virtual learning materials provided in the online learning management system called Canvas.
    • ISD strongly recommends checking out the Chromebook the district provides to assist your student with ease of access in online learning.
  • Go to to set up your parent Canvas account access prior to your student starting. Help your elementary student understand how to access their Canvas account from the resources provided.
  • Communicating with your student’s teacher should be done via email through the Canvas platform.
  • Be sure to go over these protocols for being an elementary virtual learner with your student and adhere to the expectations.

Student Expectations

  • All instruction is delivered through Canvas. All directions and expectations for student learning will be posted as weekly modules. Families are responsible for checking Canvas daily throughout the week and for being especially attentive to correspondence from the teacher.
  • To be counted present, students must log out and then log back into Canvas one time per day through the Canvas website, not the mobile app.
  • Attendance, participation, engagement, and understanding will all be monitored through submitted work and active time within the Canvas system. Students who are not submitting work by due dates will be contacted and considered “absent.”
  • Work will be self-paced and guided by deadlines as designated by the teacher. Learning tasks may be assigned and due in “chunks” to allow students to work through the material at their own pace. However, families should pay attention to the deadlines set by teachers. All assignments will be submitted in Canvas. If for any reason you have trouble uploading your assignments, please contact your teacher via Canvas email or during designated office hours.
  • Grading expectations remain the same as for an in-person learner and progress reports will be available on the same district schedule for issuance.

Video Conferencing Etiquette

  • Log in to the video conferencing software prior to meeting time.
  • Ensure microphones and cameras are working.
  • Turn off microphone unless you have been asked to participate in a discussion.
  • The background of your video should be free of distractions.
  • Students should stay seated during instruction.
  • If a student continues to disrupt the live session, the teacher can remove the student from the session. If this is the case, the teacher will send a follow up communication to the parent notifying them of the issue and letting them know the student can access the recorded session through Canvas to complete the assignment.
  • If the student is a constant disruption during direct instruction opportunities (student has had to be removed from the direct instruction sessions on three or more occasions), the Principal will reach out to work with the family to develop a plan for success.

Preparing the Learning Environment: Parent and Student

  • Dedicate a space in the home as a “learning space.” This can be any space with room to work and store materials that won’t be disrupted for the duration of the distance learning.
  • Have a timer available for students to set for each block of time to help manage daily learning. Discuss acceptable options if a student needs a break before the timer goes off, such as getting a glass of water or taking a movement break.

Learning Expectations

  • Teachers will provide activities/assignments that are developmentally appropriate. Each day, there will be content-specific activities students can work through to build background for the live sessions offered by the teacher. In addition, there will be self-paced learning activities to complete and submit that will help prepare your child for ongoing learning. Feedback will be given, as appropriate, for completed work.

Teacher Availability / Office Hours:

  • Teachers will set time (office hours) to be available for questions or clarification. Please see the teacher’s schedule for available office hours.
  • The teacher will run office hours remotely by making a virtual room active where students / families come and leave as needed.

Available Resources to Help:

  • Technical Assistance
    • Email: (Be sure to include your student’s name, grade and that your student is a virtual learner)