Students, Teachers and Community Partners Honored at Academy Awards

Posted April 15, 2022

Congratulations to the students, teachers and Industry Partners honored at the Independence School District Academy Awards on April 14th. The Academy Awards celebrated the hard work and dedication of all involved in the ISD Academies.

Three students from each of the six ISD Academies, including Arts and Education, Business, Industrial Technology, Public Service, STEM and the Freshman Academy were recognized. One student from each Academy was named the Academy Student of the Year. The ceremony also highlighted Academy teachers who go above and beyond to better prepare ISD students for college and careers.

Industry Partners received the Community Engagement Award, recognizing their contributions and continuous support for ISD Academies and students. The industry partnerships help to provide ISD students with the guidance and experiences to excel in their fields of interest.

Congratulations to all award winners and honorees:

Academy Teacher of the Year: Sarah Bown, Business Academy
Jeanne Smith, Arts and Education Academy
Rachel Davis, Freshman Academy
Jon Amos, Industrial Technology Academy
Dr. Dora Fonseca, Public Service Academy
Mikkel Bjornson, STEM Academy

Arts and Education Academy Student of the Year: Autumn Garrett, William Chrisman High School
Maiya Lyons, Truman High School
Riley Dawson, Van Horn High School

Business Academy Student of the Year: Max Shaw, William Chrisman High School
Sebastian Manoza, Truman High School
Erica Moore, Van Horn High School

Freshman Academy Student of the Year: Benjamin Neufeld, Truman High School
Damon Queen, Van Horn High School
Marissa Winsea, William Chrisman High School

Industrial Technology Academy Student of the Year: James May III, William Chrisman High School
Hayden Pugh, Truman High School
Jarrod Bisbee, Van Horn High School

Public Service Academy Student of the Year: Kiara Leyva, Van Horn High School
Jack Getman, Truman High School
Nathan Smith, William Chrisman High School

STEM Academy Student of the Year: Dayne Herl
Laurie Leroy, Truman High School
Korey Messick, Van Horn High School

Business Partners of the Year:
Arts and Education – Marcia Pugh, Art Squared
Business – Yvonne Hall, Blue Ridge Bank & Trust
Industrial Technology – Mike McNally, AWG
Public Service – Aubrey Nelson, Worlds of Fun
STEM – Jacqueline Alne