Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a learning system that provides students with real-world strategies to accelerate their performance so they can succeed in college and life. More than 6,000 schools worldwide have adopted the AVID program since it began in 1980. An AVID school means more conversation, structured movement and student-centered activity. Students learn how to ask questions that go beyond memorization and encourage higher-level thinking, providing students with an educational advantage. AVID layers on existing curriculum, allowing teachers to implement AVID strategies into any lesson or subject. Students utilize the Cornell note-taking process to create powerful study tools. They learn to recognize the most important parts of a lesson, create questions to guide their studying, and revisit and refine their notes to solidify learning. Students also learn soft skills, including public speaking, self-advocacy, time management and organization.

AVID in the ISD

The Independence School District implemented AVID for 6th-grade students in the 2018-19 school year after considerable research, including visiting school districts that experienced academic gains thanks to the AVID approach. AVID strategies, including note-taking and organizational skills, are taught during homeroom at the beginning of each day. Students are provided with a standardized 3-ring notebook, pencil pouch, notebook dividers, and other materials that are important for a student to have each day. The ISD is excited to currently offer AVID to all 6th-8th grade students.