Pre-K – 12th Grade Registration

If you were a previous ISD student and are returning, please complete online registration as a new student. Do not put in your student ID number when enrolling. This will cause your online registration to not be processed by an Admissions Specialist.

  • Once submitted, the registration will go to an Admissions Specialist, who will request records from your student(s) previous school.  If they have any questions, they will contact you.
  • Once records are received the Admissions Specialist will call you to provide options for submitting additional documents (uploading, emailing or providing during a scheduled appointment). These documents include but are not limited to:
    • Photo ID of parent/guardian enrolling student
    • Birth certificate
    • Immunizations-if not received from previous school
    • Court Documents, such as custody documents etc.
    • Proof of Residency-refer to the section ISD Required Proof of Residency Documents on this page
  • ​If you are unable to upload or email these additional document, expect to meet with an Admissions Specialist to review your online registration, documents, and scan in necessary documents to student database. The Admissions Specialist will also give you a projected starting date and email the receiving school your information. The student start date is approximately two business days from the appointment date.
  • The parent/guardian will be contacted by their student’s school to schedule an appointment for scheduling purposes.

Early Education Online Registration

  • Completing the online registration DOES NOT mean your child is enrolled in Early Education. Please call Early Education at 816-521-5314 to set up a screening appointment and discuss any additional steps to complete enrollment.