Independence Missouri Program for the Academically and Creatively Talented (IMPACT) is an accelerated, instructional supplement for gifted students in second through eighth grade.

IMPACT is designed to introduce students to new areas of learning outside the scope of the regular classroom curriculum. Students have the opportunity to develop skills in complex and creative thinking to help enrich a student’s growth and development in order to maximize their fullest potential.


By the end of eighth grade, gifted students in the Independence School District will have had the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Become independent learners
  • Apply higher-level critical thinking skills
  • Communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom
  • Illustrate solutions to real-life problems or concerns
  • Make decisions and act as responsible members of society
  • Demonstrate creativity
  • Develop skills to work in a team situation

Screening and Testing

The IMPACT qualification process begins with screening all first and third grade students. Screening notifications are sent to families in December with an Opt-out option. A referral from a student’s teacher, parent, principal or counselor are also accepted and must be submitted by January of each school year. Each student who participates in the screening process will receive a letter notifying parents if they have qualified for further testing. Students must obtain a qualifying score on an IQ test and creativity test. After testing, scores will be sent home along with a letter informing parents if their child has qualified for IMPACT. 

Mission Statement: Independence Missouri’s Program for the Academically and Creatively Talented will inspire gifted students to take risks to challenge themselves and learn new material and skills.