Inclement Weather

Due to inclement weather it may become necessary for school officials to cancel school or shorten the day for the safety and welfare of the staff and students. When this occurs the following three options will be considered.

School Closing for Complete Day:

If inclement weather appears severe enough to merit closing schools for the complete day, determination will be made as soon as practical, with notification to staff, parents, and students through designated channels of communication.

Early Dismissal:

If the school day begins, but the weather becomes (or is predicted to become) inclement, school may close two hours early. A decision to dismiss early is generally made by 10:00 AM, with lunch served prior to dismissal.

Delayed Start:

If inclement weather is predicted to intensify throughout the night, but reduces its intensity during the morning hours, a decision may be made to start school two hours later. Bus pickup times and school starting times would be delayed by two hours. Lunch and afternoon dismissal will be at the regular time. Part–day Head Start classes will not meet on these days. Unless notified, the Child and Family Learning Centers will operate on the regular schedule.

Searchable Maps

Using this tool you can search for your home address and find out what schools your student would attend.


Find out if schools are closed due to weather using these options:

  • Visit
  • Go to ISD Twitter @isdschools or Independence School District on Facebook
  • Watch local television stations or listen to local radio for cancellations.
  • You will receive a notification from the ISD to the phone and/or email you provided at registration.

Transportation Staff

  • Daryl Huddleston, Director of Transportation
  • Kelly Blosser, Assistant Director of Transportation
  • Randi Mallett, Transportation Supervisor
  • Jarrod Warren, Transportation Supervisor
  • Brad Oyler, Fleet Supervisor
  • Karen Vickers, Trip/Activity Coordinator

Bus Rider’s Policies:

Please remember that riding a bus is a privilege and not a right.

All riders must help to make the bus ride safe for all students. Unfortunately, if they do not, they will be removed from the privilege of riding the bus for the safety of all concerned.

Expectations and tips for safe school bus riding

Steps to a safe ride

  1. Follow the bus driver’s directions.
  2. Be at the bus stop 5 minutes before and stay at least 5 minutes after your stop time.
  3. Line up in single line at the side of the road, no pushing or shoving.
  4. Sit on your seat, not on knees or backpack
  5. Speak quietly to each other.
  6. Keep hands feet and other items to yourself on the bus.
  7. No food/ drinks/gum/candy on the bus.

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to help keep the bus clean and not purposely or carelessly destroy transportation equipment.
  • Damage resulting from misbehavior shall be paid for by the student. Suspension from the bus will occur and continue until all damage is paid for.
  • Students will show consideration for other students and the bus driver by being courteous and well mannered. No profanity or other abusive language.

Bus Assignment & Stops

  • All students must ride to school and home on their regularly assigned bus.
  • Any point of pick-up or departure different from the home must be approved by the administration.
  • Drivers will not transport any person not regularly assigned to the bus without prior authorization.

Safety Infraction Steps

  • 1st card warning
  • 2nd card mailed warning notice
  • 3rd card 3 day suspension
  • 4th card 5 day suspension
  • 5th card 10 day suspension
  • 6th card Loss of service for remainder of semester-plus conference.

Severe Violations

  • Insubordination/disrespect to the driver
  • Flagrant disregard for safety of others

The above conduct will result in loss of transportation for 10 days or longer

Violent Acts, Sexual Harassment & Bullying
Will be processed in accordance with school policy and may include both, Out of School Suspension and loss of bus service.

Special Notes

  • Last day of school – Conduct card will result in a 2 week suspension from bus service the following year
  • Summer School -1 card will result in loss of summer service

The documents that follow review our policy. Please study them and discuss them with your children. The more aware they are and informed of what safety is, the more likely they will become safe bus riders.

Children suspended from their regular bus may not ride Independence Public School buses including late activity buses until their suspension has been served. Suspension from the bus is a good time for discussion between parent and child about safety issues.