Your ISD: Elementary Leader in Me

Posted February 8, 2024

YOUR ISD – Elementary: Leader in Me

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The ISD’s 20 neighborhood elementary schools are proud to provide our students with a strong foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, creativity, and academic success. The Leader in Me Program is essential in this mission, teaching elementary students the skills to help them be successful in, and beyond, the classroom.

Watch this video about Leader in Me, the guiding force behind ISD’s elementary curriculum! 

ISD Board of Education Director Blake Roberson says, “I think Leader in Me is helping kids’ self esteem, letting them know that even though they are young, they can be a leader in their school and later on, a leader in their community.”

ISD Board of Education Director Greg Finke adds, “They’re really learning a behavioral structure and mindset that goes along with the curriculum.”Thank you for being a part of the Independence School District! #isdstrong #yourisd