Your ISD: Bullying Prevention + Response in the ISD

Posted March 19, 2024

Full video:

The Independence School District believes in creating a safe and inclusive school environment where all students feel protected from bullying. The ISD utilizes different methods to educate and spread awareness about the impact of bullying, like anti-bullying coordinators and classroom lessons.

“Bullying is a very present concern, I think across the world,” says Board of Education Director Anthony J. Mondaine. “We recognize that, and some of the things that we really focus on is disciplinary action and making sure that we’re getting a clear story.” 

“We’ve also integrated anti-bullying into our counseling curriculum,” says Board of Education Director Denise Fears. 

“Our ability to understand what it looks like and how to respond to it – hopefully that will be something that will be a lifelong skill for our kids that we’re providing them,” says Board of Education Director Carrie Dixon. 

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