Your ISD: ISD Health + Wellness

Posted April 2, 2024

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ISD Employee Health Clinic:
ISD Wellness Center:
Henley Aquatic Center:

In the ISD, we’re not just educating minds; we’re nurturing the health and wellness of our ISD employees and their families. That’s why all district ISD employees and retirees, and their families, have access to the ISD Health Clinic, ISD Wellness Center, and the Henley Aquatic Center.

“A big advantage to ISD is this wellness and health clinic,” says Board of Education Vice President Blake Roberson. 

“I would encourage all of our staff people to take advantage of [the wellness center]. It has everything in it, it’s a great resource, and it’s free to our staff,” says Board of Education President Eric Knipp.

Thank you for being a part of the Independence School District! #isdstrong #yourisd