Independent Survey Reveals Overwhelming Support for Four-Day School Week

Posted May 9, 2024

Results from a recent survey conducted by researchers at Missouri State University have shed light on stakeholder sentiments regarding the implementation of a four-day instructional week in the ISD. The survey, which sought to gauge the opinions of various groups, including families, teachers/staff, and students, has highlighted key insights into the perceived benefits and challenges of the transition. Missouri State University received survey responses from 2919 families, 1613 staff/teachers, and 1916 students.

  • 83% agree that ensuring their child has a fully certified and qualified teacher is more important than adhering to a traditional five-day school calendar.
  • 70% agree that their child has maintained or improved academic performance with the four-day instructional week.
  • 78% express a preference for continuing the implementation of a four-day instructional week.
  • 77% describe their experience with the four-day week as positive overall.
  • 79% believe that students and staff have effectively adapted to the longer learning day.
  • 83% report a better work-life balance with the four-day instructional week.
  • 80% are more inclined to stay employed within the ISD due to the four-day instructional week.
  • 83% believe that the four-day instructional week has been beneficial for them.
  • 82% prefer the four-day instructional week over the traditional five-day format.
  • 54% have taken advantage of the extra day off by participating in activities such as tutoring or clubs.

These findings underscore the widespread support for the four-day instructional week among various stakeholders within the ISD. As discussions surrounding the four-day school week continue, these survey results serve as a valuable resource for decision-makers in the ISD.