The district allows non-profit agencies in Independence or Sugar Creek to distribute flyers to students at Independence School District schools.

The following guidelines must be met when making a request:

  • Requests should be made to our Public Relations Department at
  • Requests should be made at least four weeks in advance of requested distribution date.
  • A copy of the flyer must be submitted when the request is made.
  • No flyer distribution will occur during the first two weeks and last two weeks of the school year.
  • No flyer distribution will occur during the summer school session.
  • No commercial distribution/fundraising/advertising is allowed.
  • Flyers must represent non-profit agencies within Independence or Sugar Creek
  • Flyer content must involve academic or school-related instruction that corresponds with the District’s curriculum or organized, seasonal team sports in the Independence area.
  • Agencies are limited to four separate distributions per year.

If your flyer is approved, the following guidelines must be observed:

  • A copy of the approval letter must accompany the flyers to each building.
  • The non-profit agency is responsible for delivery of the flyers to each building after approval has been granted.
  • Flyers must be delivered in stacks of 30 for student dispersal.
  • A stack of 50 flyers must be delivered for reception area dispersal.
  • Copies of flyers are not to be made by building staff or using district printing infrastructure.

*Please note our revised Flyer Guidelines updated June 2016.