Limited course work outside of the Independence School District can be applied toward graduation requirements. School Board Regulation 2530 identifies specific instances for acceptable credit from correspondence courses, online courses, night or summer school from other districts, non-accredited schooling, waived credit for career/technology programs, competency-based credit, etc. To receive a diploma from a high school in Independence, a student is required to successfully complete no less than a semester within the Independence School District with full participation and attendance, dependent upon circumstances. Please see your counselor for specific details.

Graduation Requirements

 Specific CoursesCredit Requirements
 English/Language Arts4 credits
 Social Studies3 credits
 Mathematics3 credits
 Science3 credits
 Fine Arts1 credit
 Practical Arts1 credit
 Physical Education1 credit
 Health0.5 credit
 Personal Finance0.5 credit
 Electives Credits11.5 credits
 Total to Graduate28.5 credits

Note: ISD requirements are subject to change annually with Board of Education approval.

  • Students must successfully complete the state and federal constitution tests.
  • Students must successfully complete a course in personal finance or pass the state exam.

Specific College Requirements for Admission

 Specific CoursesFour Year Regional CollegesUniversity of Missouri System
 English/Language Arts4 credits4 credits
 Social Studies*3 credits3 credits
 Mathematics3 credits4 credits
 Science3 credits3 credits
 Fine Arts1 credit1 credit
 Practical Arts1 credit1 credit
 Physical Education1 credit1 credit
 Electives Credits3 credits (from core subjects or foreign language)2 credits (of the same foreign language)

*Check with the college of your choice to make sure you meet specific entrance requirements


The Board of Education recommends students attend eight semesters of high school in the four-year course of study in grade nine and above. During these eight semesters, the following criteria are part of Board Policy:

  • Satisfactory completion of required units of credit for graduation by the Board of Education.
  • Students who have completed all graduation requirements are eligible to receive a diploma during the spring graduation ceremony of that year.
  • The attendance requirement may be reduced for pupils who cannot attend due to illness. Part of the minimum requirement may be earned by these students through correspondence, through approved homebound study, or other administration-approved alternative methods.

A student desiring to graduate after seven semesters of attendance must have approval of the Board of Education. Students must submit their request in writing by November 1st. Students should be advised that omission of the eighth semester will affect their class rank and cause them to forfeit participation in activities regulated by the Missouri State High School Activities Association under the eligibility requirements.

Additional considerations concerning graduation involving summer school, correspondence credit, transfer students, and other issues may be discussed with a counselor and be approved by the principal or his/her designee.