The ISD is using multiple sources, points of contact, experts, conversation, and more in our research about the possible move to a four-day instructional week. We will continue to add articles and information to this page.

What the research says about 4-day school weeks

Is a four-day school week a bad idea?

The answer matters because hundreds of thousands of students at more than 1,600 schools across 24 states were heading to school only four times a week by the spring of 2019, according to one estimate

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Implementation and Outcomes of the Four-Day School Week

The four-day school week (4dsw) is growing in popularity, especially in rural areas across the western United States. RAND Corporation researchers addressed knowledge gaps about the 4dsw by conducting a large-scale study of the implementation and outcomes of the 4dsw that involved the collection of original data in numerous districts across Idaho, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, as well as administrative data from these and other states.

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Rural Texas districts struggling to attract teachers are switching to four-day school weeks

The switch to four-day school weeks is popular among smaller school districts that don’t always have the finances to attract or retain teachers with pay increases.

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A close look at four-day school weeks and its increasing popularity in Missouri

MissouriNet audio interview with Missouri State University Professor Jon Turner

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The Four-Day School Week

Originally intended for cost savings, the shorter week struggles now to find academic benefits, too.

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The latest perk schools are using to attract teachers: 4-day weeks

EducationWeek special report on recruitment and retention

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Long days, long weekends: the four-day week takes off in US schools

On fall Fridays at Hull-Daisetta high school…

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About 140 Missouri and 25 Kansas districts have 4-day school weeks. Here’s where

More school districts in Missouri and Kansas are now holding classes for only four days out of the week, a number that has taken off in recent years.

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A Multi-State, Student-Level Analysis of the Effects of the Four-Day School Week on Achievement and Growth

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Podcast Episode 5: Four-Day School Week

Today, Jon Turner joins MSTA Presents. Jon is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at Missouri State University. Jon is a former educator and lifetime member of MSTA. 

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Another symptom of the teacher shortage: 1 in 4 Missouri school districts now have a 4-day week

This school year, 1 in 4 districts in Missouri will be in class only four days a week. The trend has grown quickly over the past decade.

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Is a 4-day school week the next trend in education?

Across the country, more schools are shifting to a four-day school week, citing benefits and morale boosters for both students and teachers. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY.

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Rural explosion in four-day school week aimed at recruiting teachers

KEYTESVILLE — The four-day school week is spreading rapidly throughout Missouri to make it easier to recruit and retain teachers, but some experts argue the policy won’t be enough to solve a teacher shortage problem.

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