ISD offers childcare for students from birth – grade 8. We call this Kids’ Safari, and there is both before-and-after-school-care on regular school days, as well as some full-day care on snow days and other non-student attendance days. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, Kids’ Safari will offer additional options for students enrolled in ISD Early Education (birth – age two), Pre-K (ages 3-5) and grades K-8. You can find more information on Kids’ Safari and the Four-Day Instructional Week below.

Kids’ Safari 2023-2024 Schedule
September 11, 2023Kids’ Safari Only
September 18, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment (no Learning League)
September 25, 2023Kids’ Safari Only
October 2, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
October 9, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
October 16, 2023Kids’ Safari Only
October 23, 2023Kids’ Safari Only
October 30, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
November 7, 2023Kids’ Safari Only
November 13, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
November 27, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
December 4, 2023Kids’ Safari Only
December 11, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
December 18, 2023Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
January 2, 2024Kids’ Safari Only
January 22, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment (no Learning League)
January 29, 2024Kids’ Safari Only
February 5, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
February 12, 2024Kids’ Safari Only
February 26, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
March 4, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
March 11, 2024*Kids’ Safari Only
March 18, 2024Kids’ Safari Only
April 1, 2024Kids’ Safari Only
April 8, 2024*Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
April 15, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
April 22, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
April 29, 2024*Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
May 6, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment
May 13, 2024Kids’ Safari / Enrichment (no Learning League)
* Dates marked with an asterisk are designated as Weather Make Up Days

Childcare Costs

Kids’ Safari Childcare Pricing for Pre-K (Ages 3-5)

Kids’ Safari Childcare Pricing for Grades K-8

Four-Day Childcare Options Comparison

Visit the Four-Day Instructional Week Comparison page to see a breakdown of key differences the ISD community will experience in the coming 2023-2024 school year.