How do we start the registration process for our student?

  1. Check out our boundary map to verify that you live in our school district (view boundary map)
  2. If you cannot locate your address please contact the Admissions Office at 816-521-5588.
  3. Once you have confirmed your address is within the Independence School District please go to our online registration site at and begin the process.

How do I register online if we don’t have computer or Internet access?

The online system is available via smart phone or any computer.  Both the Mid-Continent and Kansas City Public Library branches in Independence and Sugar Creek provide free computer access.  You can also come to the Admissions Center at 201 N. Forest, Independence, MO 64050 and register online from 7 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday.

What documents do I need since this is online?

You do not need documentation to complete the online process, but you will need information when you come for your admissions appointment.  Documentation will include photo ID of parent/guardian enrolling student, immunization records, proof of residency, and proof of age.  Also any court documents related to custody should be brought to the appointment.

What do I need to bring for proof of residency?

In order to prove residency, a parent/guardian needs to bring either a gas or electric bill along AND one of the following: a copy of a deed, rental agreement, lease agreement, or Jackson County paid Personal Property Tax Receipt.  If you are living with someone else, you can also bring a notarized copy of the Residency Affidavit – available on the Admissions web site.

What if I can’t make an appointment during regular office hours?

When an Admissions Specialist calls to set up the appointment, they will work with you to set up a time that works best for you.  We will try to set most appointments during regular business hours so that if we need to contact other departments or schools, we have a better chance of making that connection.  But we will accommodate different appointment times whenever possible.

What if my student was an Independence School District student in the past?

If the last school your child attended was not an Independence School, it is considered a new enrollment.  In order to provide the best possible placement for your child, we need to receive their records from the previous school.  You will still need to complete the online registration process.

How quickly will my student start school?

Most students will be able to start school within two days of the admissions appointment.  Once an online registration request is submitted, we will request records from your previous school.  After receipt of the records, an Admissions Specialist will contact you for an appointment to complete the process.  After this brief appointment, your student’s new school will contact you when they are ready to welcome you.

How long will the admissions appointment take?

Our goal is for the admissions appointment to be no longer than 30 minutes.  The more information we have available at the meeting the quicker the meeting will be finished.

What if the new school does not contact me after my admissions appointment?

If your child’s new school does not contact you within two days of your admissions appointment, call the Admissions Center at 816.521.5588 for assistance.

What happens if you cannot obtain records from the previous school?

If, after several attempts, we cannot obtain your child’s records from the previous school, we will proceed with admission.  During the admissions appointment we will interview you and your child in order to determine the best possible grade placement.  State law does require the district to have your child’s disciplinary record in order to complete enrollment.

Can I bring transcripts and other school records with me to help with the process?

Yes!  We welcome parents to bring official transcripts and other educational records with them to the admissions appointment.  Official transcripts need to be in a sealed envelope provided by the sending school district.  Additional education documents include discipline records, individualized education plans, 504 agreements, and attendance records. If you have these records, please contact the Admissions Center at 816-521-5588 after you complete the online process.

What school will my student be attending?

School location is determined during your admissions appointment and is generally based on your address.

How do I get a bus pass?

Bus passes for students will be available at the school building once the admissions process is complete.

Do I need to bring documentation to prove custody?

If your student has unique custody circumstances such as an appointed guardian, foster care, or other situation, you need to bring a copy of the court order changing the custody arrangement for the student.  Unless the district has a court order stating otherwise, we must recognize the educational rights of the biological parents.

How many contacts do I need to have for my student?

All students need to have one (1) contact to help us communicate with home in case of an emergency or other situation.  Each student can have up to three emergency contacts listed.

Why do I need to fill out a Home Language Survey?

The federal government requires us to provide service to families who speak a primary language other than English in the home.  This helps our district better serve our students and keep open lines of communication.

How do I register my kindergartner?

Register your kindergartner as a new student through the same online system –  After you complete this process, bring your documentation for proof of residency, birth certificate, and immunization records to your school during the designated residency verification/schedule pick up times in order to complete the process and receive his/her class assignment.  Check our admissions website for information about immunizations required by grade level.

When does my student get their schedule/class assignment?

After a new student completes the registration process in the Admissions Center, the schedule/class assignment will be picked up as the last step at the school level.

What if I want my child to attend a school other than our neighborhood school?

The ISD operates a neighborhood school system.  Exceptions are granted to attend other schools within the district based on such issues as babysitting location, serving as a district employee, boundary changes that a student was “grand-fathered” to their original school, and extraordinary hardship issues.  To request an in-district transfer, visit the Admissions web site – – and download/complete the In-District Transfer Request form.  Turn this form into your current neighborhood school to begin the process.