Goal One: Increase student achievement and performance.

  1. Align curriculum to state and national standards.
  2. Update the district’s technology resources and utilize technology to improve student achievement.
  3. Restructure high school programs to increase student achievement.
  4. Provide effective educational services for at-risk students.
  5. Eliminate achievement gaps.
  6. Develop comprehensive library media centers at all sites.
  7. Provide effective professional development, aligned to district goals, to all faculty and staff.
  8. Implement a comprehensive four-year induction for all new teachers in the district.
  9. Implement effective, research based instructional practices across the district.
  10. Provide and support opportunities for leadership development to improve student achievement.
  11. Expand University Partnership opportunities to all Independence Schools.
  12. Implement a comprehensive program to support students as they transition throughout school and to post-secondary opportunities.
  13. Continue to employ exemplary faculty and staff.

Goal Two: Align District programs for continuity and cohesiveness.

  1. The Independence School District will provide comprehensive early education and family services in all neighborhood elementary schools.
  2. Coordinate and implement an effective, research based reading program in all grade levels and schools.
  3. Fully implement BIST/Love and Logic in all schools.

Goal Three: Maximize resources to facilitate learning.

  1. Maintain and improve fiscal stability in the face of significant state reductions.
  2. Ensure success of the Collaborative Team.
  3. Develop short and long-range facility program.
  4. Enhance and improve the district’s nutrition programs.
  5. Enhance and improve the district’s transportation program.