ISD Vision

A community united to improve the quality of life through education.

District Mission Statement

The Independence School District will ensure that each learner will achieve the skills and self-confidence to be successful in an ever-changing world.

Board of Education Goals

Academic Achievement, Communication and Collaboration, Fiscal Responsibility, Legislative Advocacy

In order to achieve the District’s Vision, Carry out its Mission, and achieve the Board of Education’s Goals, it is expected that ISD Board members will:

Demonstrate Professional and Ethical Behavior: Whether interacting with each other, administration, staff or community, Board members will adhere to the character standards that are at the core of the ISD-respect, responsibility, compassion and integrity.

Engage in the Work of the Board: Members will thoroughly prepare for meetings by reading the Board packet and asking the Superintendent questions in advance of meetings when possible. Board members will attend Board and committee meetings, arrive on time, remain on topic and adhere to the agenda. Regular and intentional communication between the Board and the Superintendent will help ensure that all are on the same page and that information is shared in a timely manner. Board members will maintain confidentiality when necessary and appropriate.

Value and Respect Each Other, the Superintendent and Staff: Each opinion deserves the listening ear of every Board member. We will deliberate in many voices, but we will govern in one. While believing that each member is working for the best interests of ISD students, staff and community, the Board of seven will collaboratively engage to reach decisions as a whole board; and each member will give his or her undivided support of board decisions both in public and private. Courtesy shall be extended to every Board member, Superintendent and staff at all times.

Serve as Advocates for K-12 Public Education: Within the community, state and nation, ISD Board members will fight fiercely for the preservation of the public education system. Maintaining open communication with legislators, attending forums and pursuing opportunities to become educated about public education is essential to the effectiveness of the ISD Board of Education.

Listen and Communicate Effectively: Board members will be District ambassadors in the community. As concerns, questions, and issues arise, Board members will be available and will listen to understand the situation. They will show appreciation for the information, direct the individual to make contact with the appropriate district personnel, and if circumstances warrant, shall channel this information to the Superintendent. Board members should make no promises to district residents related to administrative or policy issues nor should they contact district staff other than the superintendent in an effort to resolve administrative or policy issues. The first and most direct line of communication for Board members shall be with the Superintendent.


Adopted March 2018