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Board Meetings

The School Board meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

Board Agendas Board Minutes
Board Agendas Board Minutes
Board Agendas Board Minutes
Consent Agenda 12-11-12
Consent Agenda 11-13-12
Consent Agenda 10-9-12
Consent Agenda 9-11-12 (PDF)
Consent 8-14-12 (PDF)
Consent 7-10-12 (PDF)
Agenda - 6-28-12 (PDF)
Consent 6-12-12 (PDF)
Consent 5-8-12.pdf
Consent 4-10-12.pdf
Consent 3-13-12.pdf
Consent 2-14-12.pdf
Special Mtg 1-19-12-Brd Elect.pdf
Agenda 1-10-12.pdf
Minutes 12-11-12 (PDF)
Minutes 11-13-12 (PDF)
Minutes 10-9-12 (PDF)
Minutes 9-11-12 (PDF)
Minutes 8-14-12 (PDF)
Minutes 7-10-12 (PDF)
Minutes 6-28-12 (PDF)
Minutes 6-12-12 (PDF)
Minutes 5-8-12 (PDF)
Minutes 4-10-12 (PDF)
Minutes - 3-13-2012 (PDF)
Minutes - 02-14-2012.pdf
Minutes - January 2012.pdf
Board Agendas Board Minutes
Consent 12-13-11.pdf
Consent 11-8-11.pdf
Consent 10-11-11.pdf *REVISED*
Consent 10-11-11.pdf
Consent 9-13-11.pdf
Executive Session 9-1-11.pdf
Consent 8-9-11.pdf
Consent 7-12-11.pdf
Agenda 6-30-11.pdf
Consent 6-14-11.pdf
Work Session 6-7-11.pdf
Minutes 4-12-11.pdf
Consent 5-10-11.pdf
Consent 4-12-11.pdf
Consent 3-8-11.pdf
Consent 2-8-11.pdf
Work Session 2-1-11.pdf
Agenda 1-11-11.pdf
Minutes - 12-13-11.pdf
Minutes 11-8-11 - Public Hrng.pdf
Minutes 11-8-11.pdf
Minutes 10-11-11.pdf
Minutes 9-13-11.pdf
Minutes 8-9-11 - Tax Rate Hrng.pdf
Minutes 8-9-11.pdf
Minutes 7-12-11.pdf
Minutes 6-30-11.pdf
Minutes 6-14-11.pdf
Minutes 5-10-11.pdf
Minutes 3-8-11 (PDF)
Minutes 2-8-11.pdf
Minutes 1-11-11.pdf
Board Agendas Board Minutes
Consent 12-14-10.pdf
Consent 11-9-10.pdf
Work Session 10-5-10.pdf
Consent 9-14-10.pdf
Consent 8-10-10.pdf
Consent 7-13-10.pdf
Consent 6-8-10.pdf
Work Session 6-1-10.pdf
Consent 5-11-10.pdf
Consent 4-13-10.pdf
Consent 3-9-10.pdf
Consent 2-9-10.pdf
Consent 1-12-10.pdf
Minutes 12-14-10.pdf
Minutes 11-9-10.pdf
Minutes 10-12-10.pdf
Minutes 10-5-10.pdf
Minutes 9-14-10.pdf
Minutes 8-10-10 #2.pdf
Minutes 8-10-10.pdf
Minutes 7-13-10.pdf
Minutes 6-8-10 (PDF)
Minutes 6-1-10 (PDF)
Minutes 5-11-10 (PDF)
Minutes 4-10.pdf
Minutes 3-09-10.pdf
Minutes 02-09-10.pdf
Minutes 1-12-10 (PDF)
Board Agendas Board Minutes
Special Meeting 12-18-09.pdf
Consent 11-10-09.pdf
Consent 10-13-09.pdf
Consent 9-8-09.pdf
Work Session 9-1-09.pdf
Consent 8-11-09.pdf
Agenda 6-9-09.pdf
Work Session 6-2-09.pdf
Agenda 5-12-09.pdf
Special Meeting 4-27-09.pdf
Agenda 3-10-09.pdf
Work Session 3-3-09.pdf
Agenda 2-10-09.pdf
Agenda 2-3-09--Revised.pdf
Agenda 2-3-09.pdf
Agenda 1-13-09.pdf
Minutes 11-10-09.pdf
Minutes 06-02-09.pdf
Minutes 05-12-09.pdf
Minutes 04-27-09.pdf
Minutes 04-14-09.pdf
Minutes 3-10-09.pdf
Minutes 2-10-09.pdf
Minutes 1-13-09.pdf
Board Agendas Board Minutes
Agenda 12-17-08--Revised.pdf
Agenda 11-11-08.pdf

Board Notes

To request Board Meeting Minutes, please email Secretary to the Board Annette Miller at annette_miller@isdschools.org